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Mark your calendars!

On April 22, 2012, Nashville, Tenn. will have a chance to relive the experience that five Tennessee State University students  embarked on when they decided to make a documentary about being homeless. Not only did they do research about being homeless, but two of the students became homeless for 24 hours.

So mark your calendars for the special screening of A Walk in My Shoes, Sunday, April 22 at 4:45 p.m. at the Regal Cinema in Green Hills!

For more information take a look at the article that Tennessee State University did on our special documentary: http://tnstatenewsroom.com/archives/5922


Take a look at the A Walk in my Shoes Trailer!

A Walk in my Shoes Trailer

The anticipation awaits!!

Come out and Support!

A Walk in My Shoes

A Walk In My Shoes: A Homeless Experience will screen in the International Black Film Festival on Saturday, October 8, 10:00am at Fisk University. Please come out and support!

A Walk in my Shoes

“I just about see a homeless person everyday, but I have never really sat and thought about what it would be like to be homeless. What is it like to be invisible to the world? What is it like to just be in your thoughts and have no one to talk to? What is it like to go through your day with not one person stopping to say, ‘Hello, How are you?’ It is a scary thing to think about.” 

-Meghan Triplett

This is the journey of 5 college students  producing a documentary on homelessness in Nashville, Tennessee. This  inspiring documentary is called A Walk in my Shoes. Nichole Vincent and Brandon Bather will become homeless for 24 hours. Not only will these students experience what it is like to live on the streets, they will document every minute of it. They will live their life for 24 hours as any homeless person would, meaning, no cellphones, no food, no house, and no bed. The point of this documentary is to  show a different light on what it feels like to be homeless and to help spread awareness of homelessness.

“Anybody can have sympathy, but not everybody can have empathy. And you have to walk in a man’s shoes to get that.”

-Chris Scott

24 Hours Homeless by Nichole Vincent

“I only did this experiment for 20 hours but what about the people that are REALLY homeless? I can’t even understand how they live from day to day, night to night, with no one or nothing. The thing that really hurt the most was being alone the whole time. I kept looking for my cell phone, forgetting that I didn’t have it. I wanted to talk to someone, tell someone what I was going through. But at the time I had no one. This experience showed me a whole other side of homelessness. I wouldn’t wish that lifestyle on anybody.”

                                                                           – Nichole Vincent


In the eyes of Jeremy Perry…

“My experience with this documentary thus far has awarded me the opportunity to look at life from a different aspect than the average citizen of the world. I have had the chance to talk with several formally homeless people that really are appreciative from the strides they have made in terms of creating a stable living environment for themselves. In working with Brandon on his homeless 24 hourstretch, I encountered so many people that seemed to take their prosperity for granted. I must say, this was me prior to this project. We definitely have the opportunity to show people the truth about homeless people, and the intense efforts given to come out of poverty.”

-Jeremy Perry

Producer/ Photographer

24 Hours Being Homeless by Brandon Bather

“Being homeless for 24 hours is honestly a real eye opener. From finding card board and asking people for money on the streets of  Nashville to sneaking in a 5 star hotel and finding a place to sleep at night. Seeing the faces on people as they look through me and not at me. Watching children point at me and stare some looking in awe and others looking in disgust. Also meeting homeless people and listening to their stories and wondering how they ended up on these streets. Being offered job from a complete stranger to conversing with a Vanderbilt student about her views on the homeless experience. Being homeless is a mindset that some people let ruin or influence their life. Stay tuned for the official documentary….”

               -Brandon Bather